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Satya Yoga

Breath centered yoga classes in saugatuck & Holland

Breath centered yoga classes in saugatuck & Holland

Breath centered yoga classes in saugatuck & HollandBreath centered yoga classes in saugatuck & Holland

 Special occasion yoga sessions are one of our favorite requests. Offered in your space, the studio.....or at the beach! Whether you're coming together for a bachelorette weekend, a birthday celebration, a friends weekend, or retreat, Satya Yoga designs your session with your intentions and themes in mind. Your session is uniquely designed for the level and abilities of the session participants.   

Small groups in your space or at Satya Yoga

We'll come to you the day of with mats and any needed props for your session. We can assist you in creating a space for the practice by helping you move light furniture. Session can be inside your home or rental, or on the lawn if weather permits. Your choice of 60 or 75 minutes. Pricing is dependent on the number of people in your party and your desired location. Typically the cost per person works out to be about $20 per person for the average group of 10 people. Please contact us for a quote. 

 You come to us the day of. The studio will be set up for you with candlelight, music, diffused essential oils and teas. We have mats, blocks, straps, and blankets. Your choice of 60 or 75 minute session. Additional offerings can be included for our onsite special occasion session and are listed below. Sessions at the studio are provided in the hours outside of regularly scheduled classes and therefore are limited in availability.  

Add to your experience

 Additional offerings can be used to extend and enhance your experience with us. Treat the bride or birthday guest to a little extra attention, or relish in the relaxing environment and your yoga bliss by staying for refreshments, a toast, or a full out celebration. Our additional offerings include;

Lavender (organic) essential oil towels after class  ($3 each)                  

Bouquet for the bride or birthday guest  (options begin at $35)

Champagne toast ($7 per person)

Teas and Sweets or light snacks after the class (options begin at $50)           

Full Celebration w​ith Yoga:         

Includes: 1 hour Yoga, lavender towels, bouquet, light snacks, tea, optional champagne toast and use of

studio space for 3 total hours. $299 & up. Call for more information and a quote (269) 857-7289.

Get a quote or learn more

Drop us a line and learn more about our special occasion yoga session or get a quote.