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Satya Yoga

Breath centered yoga classes in saugatuck & Holland

Breath centered yoga classes in saugatuck & Holland

Breath centered yoga classes in saugatuck & HollandBreath centered yoga classes in saugatuck & Holland


Online Classes with Satya Yoga Teachers!

 You can now take Satya Yoga classes online! Each week we'll be uploading new 5-7 new classes to our website. Practice with Satya Yoga teachers Teresa, Stacy, and Michelle in the comfort of your own home with online on demand classes!

Silver, gold, and platinum members will have access to ALL of our online content each week. Members will receive the weekly password every Monday via email.

If you're not currently a member and would like to sign up for a membership you’ll receive full access to our online classes for $49 for new students, $59 a month for silver, and $79 a month for gold. Many of you are only with us in Saugatuck part of the year and this new online class option will be a great way to continue your practice with us year round. Email Teresa@Satyayogasaugatuck.com  to sign up and we'll send you the password weekly.

 If you would like access to a single class you can use your existing punch pass as credit or pay with credit card ($13). Email Teresa@Satyayogasaugatuck.com and I will assist you right away.


After a class is uploaded it will remain available for no less than one full week.

Uploaded on Tuedays:

8:30am HATHA VINYASA (moderate) with Stacy  

4:45pm GENTLE YOGA with Teresa

Uploaded on Wednesdays:

8:30am CORE FLOW (vigorous) with Michelle

Uploaded on Thursdays:

10:15am RESTORATIVE YOGA with Angie

6:00pm HATHA VINYASA (moderate) with Teresa

Uploaded on Saturdays:

10:15am HATHA VINYASA with Teresa

Uploaded on Sundays:


(Password: freeweekly)

Join us for our Facebook Live Online Gatherings

Every Friday at 1pm  Satya Yoga will go live on Facebook! Make sure you've"liked" or followed us. Then simply click on the video to watch in real time and type in comments and questions. This will be a short community gathering, we'll answer any questions you have about the online class system, have an opportunity to connect and end with a short meditation of breath work practice. 


SLOW FLOW with Angie

Join Angie for a 60 min slow flow class. Angie will be teaching classes at Satya Yoga this summer after her move from Chicago to Saugatuck.

Hatha Vinyasa Twists with Teresa

restorative Yoga with ANGIE

Core Flow with Michelle

Gentle Yoga - Laterals (YTT-2)

Create a feeling of expansion, lightness, and freedom with this all levels practice of lateral postures with Teresa.

Hatha Vinyasa Moderate SPRING EQUINOX

Join Stacy for a Spring Equinox practice.

Hatha Vinyasa Moderate Saturday AM LAteral Practice (YTT - 1

Join Teresa for this energizing morning practice of lateral postures. You'll finish feeling more spacious, expansive and energized for your weekend! Wait....isn't everyday the all weekend right now... well you get the point. 

Hatha Vinyasa Moderate Heart Centered Flow

One way to find peace is to concentrate our attention at the heart center and on our own inner luminosity. This practice with Teresa helps to bring us out of our mind and into our heart. (Sorry for the crazy dogs in the middle)

Restorative (gentle) Yoga

Meet Angie! Angie Cominos Koehler is moving to Saugatuck this summer from Chicago and will begin teaching at Satya Yoga beginning in July.  She graciously offered to share some online offerings now that we're up and running. Join her in this 60-minute gentle restorative practice.  TIP: If you don't have yoga blocks you can use a couple tightly rolled or folded towels instead.


Core Flow (vigorous) with Michelle

Gentle Heart centered Practice

Gentle Yoga with Teresa

Immune Support Practice

Hatha Vinyasa (moderate) with Stacy 


A 5 minute breathing practice with Teresa to create an effortless breath, body, and mind. This is this week's free meditation.